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5 Ways to Maintain Optimal Postpartum Nutrition

Most women focus on good nutrition during pregnancy, but it is equally important to continue this after the baby is born. Your body has gone through a significant physical and emotional event to carry and deliver a baby. Pregnancy and delivery put extra strain on the body and it takes time to recover. Also, depending on how the delivery went there could be a need for further recovery support. As well, if you are breastfeeding everything you consume the baby will consume so optimal nutrition continues to be important.

OK I’m sure that none of that is a surprise to you and you’re thinking I’m tired and I don’t have time to ever finish a meal with a newborn. This is true for many women it can be very challenging to have the energy or time to focus on eating regular meals when caring for a new baby. Here are 5 tips to maintaining good nutrition during those early newborn days:

1. Figure out when your baby is the least fussy – For many babies this is in the morning after their first or second feeding. During this less fussy period focus on prepping some healthy foods to grab on the go. Cut up enough fresh veggies for several days such as carrots, cucumber, peppers whatever you like to eat raw. Have a hummus dip on hand to dip the veggies in so that you will get some protein and fat along with the veggies this will hold your energy longer. Yes it is true that some of the nutrients are lost in having the veggies prepped for future days, however having convenient healthy food that is easy to grab is the goal, and no one should be striving for perfection.

2. Learn to love a Crockpot – Crockpots are great kitchen tools for busy parents. You can prep food early in the day and it is ready to go during the common baby witching hours of 4-7 when it can seem impossible to prepare a healthy hot meal.Here is a delicious carrot butternut squash soup that freezes really well and you can also find butternut squash already diced in most grocery stores to make things even easier. http://peasandcrayons.com/2015/12/slow-cooker-carrot-butternut-soup-recipe.html

3. Smoothies – Yes smoothies are everywhere and for good reason they are a wonderful way to get a lot of nutrients in a convenient format. As well, if you are breastfeeding adequate hydration will support milk production. You can even prep some ahead of time in a mason jar and keep them in the fridge or freezer just dump, add some liquid such as water or a milk of your choice and blend. When building a smoothie always think protein, fiber and fat if you have all of those nutrients included you’ll have an energy sustaining smoothie. For some smoothie inspiration check out this blog post: http://www.culinarynutrition.com/the-smoothie-movement-recipes/

4. Savor Some Soups – Similar to smoothies soups are a great way to pack a lot of nutrition into one bowl. Pureed soups are great because you can even sip them from a mug. As well, soups can be made ahead and frozen in different sized mason jars to allow for a quick heat up in a pot when time is tight.

5. Find a Healthy Food Prep Service – I know these services can be pricey, however during those first few weeks it will be worth the investment. Some of these services even offer home delivery! A couple of options in Toronto are, Roots of Health, their menu changes weekly and they deliver to fresh food to your house! http://www.rootsofhealthnutrition.com/. Another option is Supperworks they don’t have delivery but they do have a Stork Special where they will prepare all of the meals you order for the first 2 months after your baby is born for no extra charge https://www.supperworks.com/intropage.php?

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